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Bodd is a little character who struggles to make sense of his life and his big, big feelings.


In beautiful verse, this unique children’s story explores Bodd’s feelings and the vital role they play in his survival. 'It’s All About Bodd' opens up conversations about how to deal with anxiety, the effects that worry can have on our health, and its impact on those around us.


An essential companion for both parents and teachers, this is a story that every child needs to read.


With tools, strategies, and exercises included within the book, 'It’s All About Bodd' also comes with a downloadable page-by-page Parent/Teacher Guide to help you share the book effectively with your little people.


Although designed primarily for KS1 and KS2, 'It's All About Bodd' is helpful and relevant to all humans – whatever their age.


'It’s All About Bodd' is inspired by The Human Toolbox, a neuroscience-based emotional literacy foundation course written by Lindy Wheeler. Lindy has worked as a school counsellor for over 20 years and her writing partner Tom Lawley is an English teacher with a passionate self-belief that language and mental health are strongly connected. Together, they have created something truly special. To read more about Lindy and Tom, click here.


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